Our Pioneer Products:

1. ABESTRAL (Water soluble Powder): Unique Anti-stress formula for poultry, dairy cattle, swine and revitalizer & energizer for the racing horse. A combination of Mentholated Bio-flavonoids, Polyphenols, Organic Chromium, Thermo-regulators, Electrolytes, Dextrose, Vitamin C, and Probiotics.

2. D’Bio-Mix: An exceptional combination of Phytogenic & Herbal extracts with Tricholine, Betain, B12 and Sorbitol to strengthen functions of Liver, Kidney, Gut health for improved metabolic activities and Immunity.

3. ABES-URZZA: Performance boosting formula. The incomparable combination of essential Amino Acids, L-Carnitine, Lipotropic Agent, Methyl donor, Sorbitol, Sodium Butyrate, Chelated Minerals with Phytogenics.

4. BioRock-MV: An ideal combination of vitamins(A,D3,E,B12,H) with organic minerals and Omega 3 & 6 fatty acids.

Our Other Products:

1. ABESTOX: Hepato- Protectant, Stimulant & Detoxifier.

2. ABESOL-L: Water Quality Enhancer. A Highly-Scientific Combination of Organic Acids, Oxine Copper with Essential Oils.

3. BioRock-E: Immunity Booster- A combination of Vitamin-E, Vitamin- C, Organic Selenium and Ocimum Sanctum.

4. BioRock-E Feed: Vitamin-E 20% with Organic Selenium as feed premix.

5. BioRock-H: Water Soluble and Feed additive Biotin premix.

6. Zigboost: Combination of Choline Chloride 40% with Herbal extracts.

7. GROPOL: Combination of Essential Amino Acids, Protein Hydrolysate & Proteolytic Enzymes, Lipotropic Agents, Osmo-regulators, Chelated Minerals with Sorbitol.

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