Performance Boosting Formula


Supplementation of essential amino acids with Chelated Minerals through water helps in bridging the nutritional gaps.
Use of L-Carnitine enhances the energy utilization thereby enhanced performance.

Keeping the utmost care of Liver & kidney enhances the animal performance and Osmo-regulator along with other Methyl donors adds extra values to the animal performance by detoxification and Liver & Kidney flushing.

Natural performance boosters like Polyphenols & Resveratrol enhances the nutritional values and immune status of the animal for better performance.


Methonine (MHA), L-Lysine, Threonine, Arginine, L-Carnitine, Tricholine citrate, Betain hydrochloride, Sorbitol, Sodium Butyrate, Chelated Minerals with Phyto extracts.


  • Improved average daily weight gain with better flock uniformity
  • Strengthen liver and kidney for better metabolism of nutrients
  • Improved weight gain in growing pullets with better egg production
  • Enhanced breeder performance with better fertility & hatchability for more sellable chicks
  • To eliminate all kinds of stress
  • Better sow performance with healthy and higher number of piglets


Chicks: 50ml for 1000 birds through water once a day
Broiler growers & layers: 80-100 ml for 1000 birds
Breeders: 150-200 ml for 1000 birds through water once a day
Piglets: 10 ml per piglet per day post weaning
15-20 ml per fattening pigs once a day
Sows: 40-50ml/sow/day, 4 weeks pre & post farrowing OR 1-2 ml/Lit of water.


1 & 5 lit. HDPE containers

D’Bio-Mix & ABES-URZZA can give you much better results when used in combination 100-150 ml per 1000 birds once a day.