Water Value Enhancer

Efficacy of Every Drop Counts


Water is the most important nutrient in live stock production; therefore water quality is highly critical for optimum animal performance.

Water is the biggest source of many bacterial diseases like E.Coli, Salmonella, Campylobacter, Pseudomonas as well as mould. Water treatment can be the best practice to minimize these challenges and helps to enhance the water intake in poultry and livestock.

Feed consumption in poultry & livestock is directly proportional to water intake; therefore water consumption needs to be monitored regularly.

Known Fact:

Contaminated water with bacteria and mould is a worldwide problem in poultry and live production. Contaminated water in the serious cause of many infectious diseases leading to poor FCR, daily weight gain, flock uniformity, meat quality, egg production and breeding performance with severe economic impact.


Since optimum water intake is the basic requirement for high productivity in poultry and live stock. Besides optimum supply of nutrients with careful feeding, a strict avoidance of microbial contamination through water is highly advisable for better animal performance.

ABESOL-L is the outcome of decades of dedicated efforts in R&D to enhance water quality with help of Bio-active organic acids, Phyto-oils and Copper Quinolinates.


A well studied a unique blend of Bio-active organic acids, Phyto-oils and Copper Quinolinates.

Recommended for:

  • Improved water quality with reduced bacterial & mould problems in poultry and livestock
  • Stimulates the activity of digestive juice and enzymes with improved Gut health, Higher metabolism and nutrient absorption
  • Improved FCR, body weight gain with reduced morbidity and mortality
  • Better egg shell quality, egg production and reduced Salmonella problems in breeding flocks.
  • To minimize use of antibiotics through water and feed

Recommended Usages:

Chicks: 1 ml in 5 liter of drinking water regularly except on day of vaccination
Broiler/Layer/Breeder: 1 ml / 5-8 liter of water
Swine: 1 ml for 5-8 of drinking water
Poultry & Swine through feed: 1 liter per MT of feed continuously OR as advised by consulting nutritionist.