BioRock-E Feed

Feed premix vitamin E and Organic selenium


BioRock- E Feed is designed to meet the requirement of customers who want to add vitamin E as feed premix to their animal diet at the feed mill. The raw material of our product is always sourced directly from the global leaders of vitamin E. Therefore our customers can rely on our product and formulation with complete mental peace.


Vitamin E 20 % as base and Organic selenium 400 ppm with high standard DCP base

Recommended for:

Recommended Usage:

  • Improved hatchability and fertility in breeding flocks.
  • Enhanced immunity to minimize disease outbreak
  • To overcome symptoms of muscular dystrophy and leg weakness due to deficiencies of vitamin E.
  • During viral outbreak of IBD, ND & IBH

Suggested Usage in feed:

Chicks: 100 gm per MT of feed
Broiler/Layer: 50 gm per MT of feed regularly
Breeders: 100-125 gm per MT of feed.
OR as suggested by the nutritionist.


Available in 1 kg Metalized pouch.