Biotin acts as co-enzyme for the enhanced metabolism of Fats, Carbohydrates, and Proteins. During fatty liver syndrome, biotin plays a very important role to rejuvenate the hepatic cells. Biotin deficiency leads to poor feather growth in chicks due to which increased non-sellable chicks in the hatchery. Hoof growth is the very important racing horse and coat shining, which can be poor due lack of biotin.


Each 250 gm contains
Vitamin H (Biotin): 100 mg
Carrier – qs

Recommended Usage:

1. Acts as co-enzyme for enhanced metabolism
2. Improved hatchability and fertility in breeding flocks.
3. Improved chick quality with better fur growth
4. To over deficiencies of vitamin H.
5. Improved hoof growth and better coat conditioning.

Suggested Usage:

Broiler & Layer: 100-200 gm per MT of feed
Broiler & Layer Breeders: 250 gm per MT of feed.
Through water: 1 gm in 2 liters of water during fatty liver treatments.
Horse and cattle: 10 gm /animal/day
OR as suggested by the nutritionist.

Packing: 250 gm metalized pouch