A Phytogenic Digestive Enzymes Stimulant


Unique Combination of Phytogenic Digestive Enzymes Stimulants with Tricholine, Betain Vitamin B12 in Sorbitol base to strengthen the functions of Liver, kidney and digestive system with enhanced immunity.

Known facts:

Healthy Liver & Kidney are as important as the heart. Liver cleanses the blood, eliminates toxins and acts as the store house for nutrients. The unused material in the liver is passed into Kidney as waste. The liver is connected to Pancreas & Gall bladder. The liver also directs the portion of waste material into the bile. Bile helps to eliminate waste material and enhances fat digestion.

Due to high-performance expectations from farm animals, our feeding practices are building up immense pressure on the digestive system, especially on Liver and Kidney. Multiple Toxins built-up in the digestive system of animals leads to Liver problems, digestive disorders, and immunity failures.

We strongly believe that disease starts in the digestive tract and if it doesn’t function properly, it will affect the normal functioning of other body systems.

Therefore it is most important to keep these organs in good and healthy conditions for optimum utilization of nutrients and to achieve the desired performance of our farm animals.


Tricholine Citrate, Betain hydrochloride, Vitamin B12 with most modern Herbal extracts & Phytogenic in Sorbitol base.


  • Liver detoxification and Kidney flushing which helps to eliminate various toxins from body
  • Improved metabolism in fast growing animals with optimum utilization of nutrients
  • Higher meat quantity & quality of low fat and Cholesterol
  • Post molting in layers & breeders for improved performance
  • Improved egg shell quality and egg production
  • To prevent and supportive treatment for Gout and Ascites
  • Improved daily weight gain, FCR with lower mortality
  • To boost immunity
  • Improved health conditions and lactation in feeding sows and cattle.

Recommended Usage:

Poultry for 1000 birds once a day:
Chicks: 50 ml for 5 days
Grower: 75-100 ml for 10 days from 15th- 25th day of age
Breeders: 100-150 ml for 10 days every month OR 1-2 ml per lit. of water.
Swine: Piglets 5-10 ml per piglet per day
Fattening pigs- 10-15 ml per day
Sows: 30-40 ml /sow/day 2 weeks prior farrowing and 3-4 weeks post farrowing.
Dairy cattle: 30-40 ml /animal/day during lactation OR as recommended by consultant veterinarian


Available in 1 & 5 lit. HDPE Containers.

“For better results to boost growth performance and to treat IBH conditions use D’Bio-Mix & ABES-URZZA in combination 50-75 ml each for 1000 birds.”