Anti-Stress and Performance Boosting Formula


Although experts are working day and night to optimize animal nutrition to achieve desired performance goals. There is always a scope for improvement and better results can be obtained through better nutrition with minimized stress. GROPOL will be your right choice to enhance your bird performance.


Methionine (M.H.A), Lysine Hydrochloride, Tricholine Citrate, Betain Hydrochloride, Chelated minerals accompanied with Predigested Proteins and Sorbitol as a base.


  • Improved  protein digestibility and gut health
  • Improved FCR, average daily gain and reduced mortality
  • Better immunity and flock uniformity
  • Improved growth in layer pullets & Breeders
  • Improved egg mass during early lay with reduced misshapen eggs
  • Improved egg production, fertility and hatchability
  • To reduce stress, minimized disease outbreak and better performance



Broiler chicks/Growers: 50-100 ml for 1000 birds or 1ml/lit. through drinking water for 7 days.

Layer: 100-150 ml for 1000 birds or 1ml/lit. through drinking water for 7 days.

Breeder: 150-200 ml for 1000 birds or 2ml/lit. through drinking water for 7 days.

During laying period use week a month programme to overcome Amino Acid and Mineral deficiencies.

During growing period in layers and breeders suggested to use 5 days in every 15 days, 100ml/1000 birds to achieve standard body weight and body frame with better flock uniformity or as suggested by nutritionist.


1,5 & 20 lit. HDPE containers.