Detoxifier & Liver Protectant


Each ml contains:
Choline Chloride 75% with Phytogenic Liver stimulants, Amino Nitrogen’s and Excipients

Nutritional Values each 20 ml:

Choline Chloride: 10 gm
Herbal mix: 100 mg
Niacin: 10 mg
B12: 5 mcg
Liver extract: 20 mg
Amino Nitrogen: 500 mg
Sorbitol: 800 mg

Suggested Benefits:

  • Eliminate effect of Mycotoxins, Endotoxin, Chemical toxins
  • Prevents fatty liver syndrome.
  • Improved digestion and immunity.
  • Improved FCR and body weight gain.
  • Improved performance in Broiler, Layers, and Breeders.

Recommended Usages:

Poultry: For 1000 birds:
Broiler: (Chick/Grower) 100-150 ml for 5-7 days once a day
Layer: 150-200 ml for 7 days every month
Breeders: 200 ml 7 days every month
During toxicity problems increase the dose as per your consultant.