The invention of ABES Health & Nutrition India Pvt. Ltd is the result of 25 years of rich global experience in livestock and poultry industry. Complex current and emerging diseases in livestock production are leading to the indiscriminate use of chemicals and Antibiotics.

Challenges like increased human population, increasing requirements of quantity & quality food, emerging diseases and developing resistance to drugs are the severe threat for human life.

ABES Health & Nutrition India Pvt. Ltd has come into existence to overcome these challenges by “Redefining the Animal Care” through ABESCARE!!

About Us

ABES Health & Nutrition India Pvt. Ltd, a company registered with the government of India, ROC Delhi on 26th March 2015. The company has its office in Bangalore, Karnataka and Karnal, Haryana India.

With the vast and diversified knowledge, we are developing unique and conceptual Nutraceutical formulations in combination with Phytogenic and Herbal extracts to bring in a revolution in farm animal production. Our team of well-qualified professionals with varied experience and proven track record of over 2.5 decades is assisting the farmer community for their improved farm production.

We strongly believe that our innovative, Phytogenic and Herbal products will not only bring revolution in farm animal production but will also improve human food quality for healthy living.

We welcome you, to join us to change our animal rearing practices by “Redefining Animal Care

  • Vision

    1. To develop unique and innovative formulations to improve our customers business performance with higher profits.
    2. To build up an organization with highly professional business ethics where in all our stake holders can rely on us as valuable resource and true business partners.
  • Mission

    1. To develop innovative and result oriented formulations with proven ROI.
    2. To create a learning organization with grooming to carve out true professionals.
    3. We are committed to offer Global standard products and services to create customer conviction.
    4. To build up Trust and Confidence among all stake holders.
  • Values

    1. Trust
    2. Commitments
    3. Transparency
    4. Honesty
    5. Respect to all